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Estate administration is an inevitable stage that occurs following the loss of a loved one, a phase marked with a slew of legal intricacies and hurdles. Probate court proceedings, whether a will is present or not, and trust administration are processes that require knowledge, experience, and patience.

Done wrong, they can consume years and create unnecessary stress during an already difficult time. We understand how daunting it can be for those grieving a loss, and this is why we’ve made it our mission at LifePath Law to help you navigate this journey with ease. We also want to be there for you, guiding you through each step and helping you understand the implications, ensuring the process is handled efficiently and with utmost care.

Our commitment is to:

  • Simplify legal complexities
  • Anticipate and navigate potential obstacles
  • Communicate transparently and regularly


We take a proactive stance to minimize strife and conflict between the parties involved. We have the goal of easing the burden during these challenging moments. Our services are tailored to your unique situation, and designed to offer custom solutions that address the needs of the beneficiaries while fulfilling your fiduciary duties.


LifePath Law combines professional expertise with a deep personal understanding in the realm of Probate, Trust, & Estate Administration. We aim to offer more than just legal solutions; we provide unmatched support during challenging times.

Our Post-Death Administration services include: 

  • Probating a will
  • Intestate administration (dying without a will)
  • Small estate administration
  • Spousal property petition
  • Succession to real property
  • Trust administration
  • Filing required notices to beneficiaries and state and federal agencies
  • Trust accounting, notices and waivers
  • Subtrust funding and administration
  • Petitioning the court for approval of trustee actions
  • Guardianships of the Estate

Our Mental Incapacity Administration and Conservatorship services include:

  • Administration of Trusts during Incapacity of the Settlor
  • Notices to beneficiaries and fiduciary accounting
  • Establishing and Administering Conservatorships of the Estate and Person

By choosing LifePath Law, you’re opting for a place where empathy and expertise seamlessly blend, ensuring unparalleled legal support.


Donna's team is very knowledgeable. I feel very secure in their capable hands.

—Ann Bland