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At LifePath Law, we champion a novel approach to Estate Planning that prioritizes open communication and client education. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition for your loved ones. Founded by Attorney Donna Shioya in 2006, our firm emerged from Donna’s personal experience with family discord due to miscommunication and lack of transparency. This inspired her to establish a practice that emphasizes:

  • Clarity
  • Support
  • Long-term planning over mere transactions

We offer more than just designing your estate plan; we guide you through a journey. Imagine an empty, open box – that represents your trust. Collaboratively, we:

  • Customize the instructions according to your desires
  • Assist you with putting your assets into that box
  • Once set, the instructions in your trust (box) should be updated for changes in your family, finances and the law. What sets us apart from other firms is our:
  • Formal funding and update program
  • Regular revisions to your documents
  • Annual updates on pertinent legal changes, ensuring your plans stay up-to-date and effective

Upon your mental incapacity or death, your loved ones open the box and follow the instructions to administer the assets inside the box. Your trust is a reliable roadmap for your loved ones during these difficult times.

At LifePath Law, our focus isn’t on selling; it’s on educating and empowering you to make well-informed decisions about your life’s trajectory.

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Your Team


The team that transforms your worries about the future into a well-drafted 
plan for peace of mind.


Navigating the Path of Life with You

LifePath Law stands out with its supportive approach to estate planning. Our commitment goes beyond just handing over a document.

Our unique strengths include:

  • A formal funding and update program
  • Continuous revisions to your plan, accommodating life changes or legislative updates
  • Ensuring that your trust remains relevant to your life as it changes, and effective as to the law.

At LifePath Law, we’re not just about drafting your estate plan. We’re dedicated to accompanying you on this journey, offering guidance, reassurance, and the peace of mind that your legacy is in safe hands.


Donna and LifePath Law have done a great job of making a tedious task into an enlightening process.

—Jeffrey Yee