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Imagine your estate plan as an open box, a container for your dreams, hard-earned assets, and your wishes for your loved ones’ future.

Careful estate planning is the process of thoughtfully filling this box. It shapes your legacy, ensures your assets are transferred according to your wishes, and prevents potential family disputes.

However, this critical journey is often laden with complex legal landscapes
and emotional difficulties. Not having a sound plan or having one with unforeseen pitfalls could lead to undesirable consequences.

Estate planning is a deeply personal journey. At LifePath Law, we’re dedicated to providing expert advice, ensuring you navigate this path with confidence and make the best choices for both you and your loved ones.

A Clear Pathway with LifePath Law

LifePath Law is dedicated to providing a client-centered approach to estate planning and administration. We guide our clients meticulously through each phase, ensuring clarity and confidence. Our process includes:

  • Initial interview
  • Design meeting
  • Review meeting
  • Signing meeting
  • Our unique annual update program

Every step is crafted to address all your queries and meet your specific needs. By partnering with LifePath Law, you’re choosing a firm that’s committed to simplifying estate planning, making it as seamless and straightforward as possible.


LifePath Law offers a distinctive approach to estate planning, understanding that each journey is as unique as the life it represents. We prioritize crafting plans that mirror your individual desires, goals, and circumstances. Unlike many traditional firms, our focus isn’t transactional. Instead, we believe in:

  • Building enduring relationships with clients
  • Seeing the entire journey, not just the end goal
  • Designing estate plans that preserve relationships and ensure harmony during challenging times

One of our hallmark offerings is the maintenance and update program. Rather than just drafting your documents, we:

  • Proactively maintain them
  • Assign a dedicated team member for annual updates
  • Ensure your plan reflects any personal or legal changes

With LifePath Law, we work with you to assure that your estate plan remains current, providing you with lasting peace of mind.

couple signing paper
couple signing paper

Your estate plan should change with any changes in your finances and life so that the plan that is administered at the time of your mental incapacity or death will most closely reflect your situation at that time instead of the circumstances in existence at the time you originally created your plan.

Regularly updating your estate plan for changes in the law is also important because a trust is administered based on what the trust document itself says, and the state and federal statutes and case law in effect at the time of the trust’s administration, which could be many years after the trust is created.

Our unique Formal Maintenance & Update Program allows us to bridge this gap in service from the time you create your trust until the time you need it to work: during your mental incapacity and at your death.

Our Formal Maintenance & Update Program includes:

  • Annual review of your assets in trust
  • Transferring assets to your trust that you acquire throughout the years
  • Conference calls with our funding coordinator to address funding questions
  • Annual review of dispositive terms of your trust and ancillary documents
  • Annual update for changes in your life affecting your estate plan
  • Annual review of changes in the law affecting your trust and ancillary documents
  • Regular update for changes in law to various parts of your estate plan, including your trust, ancillary and supplemental documents
  • Conference calls with attorney to address any questions or concerns regarding your estate plan
  • Educational workshops offered throughout the year


Our services are unique and unlike those offered at any other estate planning firm in the region. Call 916-231-0688 today for a complimentary phone consultation, or reach out online to see if our services are a fit for you.


Donna has been a friend and pure professional. I wouldn't recommend anyone else for estate planning needs.

—Velina Murray